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Younique Opportunity!

Hi, my name is Trisha and I used to be a part of another direct sales company. I had a big down line and tons of sales! Unfortunately I wasn’t the one thing I wanted to be – happy. So after talking it over with my family and great friends, I left direct sales and promised myself when the time was right I would jump back in with dedication.

As a makeup guru I am often the person everyone turns to and asks for fashion advice and makeup advice. So it was no surprise when the 3D Fiber lashes by Younique hit the market that my friends begin to ask me about them. After testing them (and writing an article about them in my day job) I knew I was in love, but I still asked myself..is Younique the right FIT for me? I became a customer of Younique and even sent interested friends to the company (many whom joined). Four long months passed and I realized, yes, I am ready. I love this makeup, I love the concept, the colors and all things Younique.

Now was the time!


So I joined! Chances are you looking for a new direct sales home. You were like me- disappointed that something wasn’t right or you were not fulfilling your goals and dreams. I am here to tell you that if the time is right for YOU, I am here to support and help you on your journey. If you are looking for a true mentor, a friend, and someone that is there that believes in Younique, you have found her!

Please look around, feel free to ask questions or send an email over if you are interested in knowing more

Just head to my front page to learn more!

Younique Presenter